Sky, Ellie and Rosa.
Puppy Pyramid. (This is how they like to
sleep sometimes)
Mia and her first litter of puppies,
October 2010.
Sky, Ellie and Rosa angels.
Sara, 36 days old.
Sara, 2 months old.
Ruby and Teddy, 2 and a half months
Teddy, Sara, Antonio, Tina and Ruby in  
Easter baskets.
Sara and Tina playing.
Ellie grooming Sara and Tina carryig a
Calais grooming his son, Antonio.
Ellie nursing her puppies, February 2013.
Ellie playing with Antonio and Sara.
Ellie posing with her puppies, February
Puppies learning to sit and stay at 2
months of age, April 2013
Rosa, Bogart, Martin, Ellie and Sky.
Bogart and Martin.
Teddy taking a nap.
Big Boy, Antonio asking Sylvia to pick
him up in her arms.
Mia celebrating Halloween with her
puppies, October 2010.
Baby Ruby, April 2013.
Baby Teddy, March 6, 2013.
Baby Tevez, September 2006.
Mark holding Baby Sky, December 2010.
Tina, 22 days old.
Sara's cool pose, 27 days old.
Ruby, 22 days old.
Big boy, Antonio,17 days old
after his first puppy meal.
Calais, Antonio and Mia cuddling.
Antonio with dad and mom.
Mia and "Big Puppy" (Antonio) shortly
after his delivery.
Puppy Mia and Roberto, May 2008.
St. Rock
English Cockers
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