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St. Rock
English Cockers
Welcome to our site.
We love English Cocker Spaniels. We cannot imagine life without them!  
We live in the Pacific North West of the USA. Our ECS are part of our family, they love playing and being with us.  We breed
very seldom, when we want to keep a puppy for us to love and enjoy. We only keep a few with us.   We test them for possible  
genetic  problems in the breed, and make sure we only breed what we consider the best examples of the breed.  We try to
continuously educate  ourselves about this wonderful breed, and use everything that is in our power to try to ensure our
"kids" can have a good life and live to their full potential.
We are members of the ECSCA, the CECSF,
The Cocker Spaniel Club of the UK,
The CKC, The CECSF, and the ECSCC
"Our English Cocker Spaniels make our house a home and the world a better
place to be. Their unconditional love, playfulness, and constant tail wagging,
remind us of the simpler things in life that make us happy, the connection
with our inner child that enable us to look at things with genuine innocence.
They are our inspiration"
                                                                Sylvia Knowlton
All the material in this site is copyrighted, please do not copy without our written permission.

Excellence in TYPE,