St. Rock
English Cockers
Excellence in TYPE,
"American Canadian Champion Nohea Black
Bred By Danae Steele

OFA Excellent,
elbows and patellas normal,
PRA clear,
Cerf Normal,
FN Clear,
thyroid normal,
BAER normal

He is very sweet, smart and a good hugger. He is very expressive and
lets you know what he wants in a clear manner. He has a really nice chest,
good substance, very muscular, good angulations. His head is masculine.
Loves to play ball, he is the best retriever, and can jump several feet high
to catch the ball! He is very energetic and loves to eat! He enjoys agility,
and would enjoy other performance events, such as hunting and he could
be a World Champion in eating contests.
4-7-2007 Tevez wins Best EC puppy
under Judge Isidro Castro at the
Kiwanis Kennel Club show and
BOS in the BC Specialty
Sweepstakes under judge Tad
August 17, 2007, Tevez wins RWD
at the Cascade Specialty, under
judge Judy Corbett
Tevez won a 4 point major on August 19,
2007 on the weekend of the Cascade
Specialty, at the Olympic Kennel Club
show, under judge Thomas Nesbitt.
handled by Ms. Jennifer Holmberg
Tevez head shot
Nohea Black Cottonwood, BOB, Mt. Baker
Kennel Club. May 16th 2009, Lynden, WA,
Judge Leta Graham, handled by Don
In August 2010 Tevez becomes an
American CH in Alaska under Judge Mr.
Tevez finished his Canadian Championship
under judge Wayne Thompson, at the Mt.
Cheam Show, February 2012