Michael, Martin and Bogart in Ocean
Martin and Bogart playing in the snow.
Michael, Bogart and Martin in Lake
Mark relaxing with, Rosa, Calais, Ellie
and Mia.
Ellie gaiting at the BC English Cocker
Specialty, October 2012.
Tevez and Mia's First Christmas together,
December 2008.
Calais and Rosa.
Sylvia, Mia and Tevez in Ocean
Shores, September 2009.
Mia expecting her first litter, October
Mia's first snow, winter 2008 in Seattle.
Mia's first Halloween, October 2009.
Rosa and children at "Meet the Breed",
Seattle, March 2011.
Tevez and his friends at Susan's
house, May 2008
Tevez in Ocean Shores, WA, September
Mark and Baby Tevez at the Seattle
Center Fountain, September 2006
Tevez dressed like a soccer player,
October 2006
Rosa at the Mt. Raineer Sporting
Spaniel exhibition, March 2011
Sky gaiting at the BC Cocker Specialty,
October 2012, BC, Canada.
Ellie at "Meet the Breed", March 2011.
Tevez playing with his English Cocker
friends from the CECSF, March 2009.
Mark playing with Calais, May 2013.
Mia and Tevez, Dog O Ween, October
Marcus, Grace and a litter of puppies.
Rosa posing as "Mona Lisa"
Bogart and Martin in Mercer Island.
Bogart and Martin by the fire.
Supermia. Mia celebrating her first
Birthday, running with friends in the yard.
Calais first Christmas in Seattle, with
Excellence in TYPE,
St. Rock
English Cockers
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