St. Rock
English Cockers
Excellence in TYPE,
“BIS MBISS USA GCH, Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar & FCI
International CH Los Ombues Calais, Veteran World Winner Milan
2015 @ 10 years old, sire of  innumerable champions
Bred By Antonio Plaza Reyes.
Health clearances
PRA clear,
FN clear,
OFA certified good hips and elbows,
free of cardiopathy,
thyroid normal.
BIS MBISS USA GCH Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, FCI International CH Los Ombues Calais (2005-2019)
Calais had a wonderful temperament, strong built, lots of substance, well balanced, nice chest, depth of cheat and front, good rib spring, nice, lay
back shoulders and good angulations, a masculine head, beautiful neck, very soulful eyes and sweet expression, firm topline, excellent
showmanship and correct movement.
Calais has won Best in Show, many groups, and specialties, under the best Breeder and all Breed Judges of the world. He was one of the top dogs in
Spain and his influence in the breed is indisputable. He is the sire of many champions in different continents.
It has been a privilege to be able to share my family with him for a while. He came to the USA at 8 years of age, his coat was very short because he
was recovering from a temporary illness, but that did not prevent him from being appreciated by the judges. He has finished his American
Championship with 5 majors and completed his American Grand Championship in a month with some nice wins, handled by the Threlfalls. He went
back to Spain,his coat recovered, and was shown by his breeder and best friend, Antonio Plaza Reyes. He continued to shine in the ring until the age
of 12, achieving BIS, group and specialty wins, including Veteran World Winner at the age of 10. He continued to sire beautiful puppies until his last
days, at almost 14 years old.

Calais will always be in the hearts of those whose lives he has touched. He was the happiest dog everywhere. In the ring, he was the epitome of the
show dog and a great ambassador of the breed. He stood out with pride and showmanship, always with his chest out, head high and his tail wagging
with joy.
It was very sweet to see the bond of friendship with those who were close to him, especially Antonio Plaza Reyes, who was his all.
Calais made friends and left paw prints wherever he went.
Infinite gratitude to Calais, to Antonio Plaza Reyes and his wife, Alicia Vallejo.
Puppy Calais
Calais movement
Calais at home grooming his baby,
Antonio, Group winner, GCHG St.
Rock's Latin Lover
Calais at the Bryn Mawr
ECSCA specialty 2013.
Photo courtesy of Kurt
Baby Calais
Calais BOS ECSCA supported show
Under Judge Elliot Weiss.
Calais at the Bryn Mawr ECSCA
supported entry Show 2013.
Photo by Kurt Anderson
Calais Group 1 at the LXXX
Exposicion Internacional Canina
de Primavera RSCE 2008, Judge
Ann Ingram from Ireland.
Calais RBIS at the LXXX Exposicion
Internacional Canina de Primavera
RSCE 2008, Judge Mrs. Brenda
Banbury, from the UK.
Calais, Group 1, handled by
Antonio, competed against the
best dogs of Spain and Europe.