Excellence in TYPE,
"An untypical cocker that is sound is useless. A typical cocker that is sound is priceless" Anne Rogers Clark

St. Rock
English Cockers

My husband and I LOVE English Cocker Spaniels. We cannot imagine life without them!
We live in the Pacific Northwest of the USA, in the state of Washington. We have a
very small breeding program. We breed very seldom, not quantity, but quality. We
breed mainly for ourselves, when we want to keep a puppy for us to love, as a
member of our family, and to compete in ECS events. We DO NOT breed for profit. We
are very strict in only using what we cossider “the best examples of our breed”  We
test our breeding stock for possible genetic diseases, and try to make the best,
educated decisions when we choose a stud to breed to, to make sure the breeders
behind the pedigree of the stud are in the same page with us, and have been careful
with the type, temperament  and overall health of the dogs they used.
We socialize, play with, and start training our puppies their basic commands, with
positive reinforcement techniques at a very early age in the loving environment
of our home.
I have an Art, Languages and Education background. I lived with dogs all my life. I was
told I have a “good eye for a dog" (Meaning, I can easily spot a dog with good
conformation) Training and playing with puppies is one of my favorite activities.      
Of all the languages I speak, “dog language” is my favorite.     

Canine communication is very interesting. ECS speak with their eyes, they read our
body language; we do not need to use many words. I work from home, so my "4
legged kids" have all the benefits of a “stay-at-home mom”
My husband is very sweet and helps me with them.  


For Responsible Breeders, like us, breeding costs are really high! We never recover
all the money we invest in raising, training, competing in events, and striving to breed
ECS that we can be proud of and will be a pleasure to live with. The price of all the
genetic testing, wholesome dog food (Most times, more expensive than people food!)  
vet bills, vaccinations, toys, treats, etc. is much higher than any person not familiar
with responsible breeding can estimate. Vet bills related to breeding sometimes
exceed $2000, just for the breeding procedure, and in some cases,  we remain without

We breed our English Cockers in accordance to the AKC Breed Standard and FCI
standard.  Those standards give us the guidelines of the “Breed Type”
Who We Are And Our Goals

Correct Breed Type is what makes an English Cocker Spaniel an "English Cocker Spaniel" and
not other breed. Excellent temperament, and soundness are of equal importance to us, but we
emphasize " Correct Breed Type" because WE LOVE ECS, and excellent temperament and
soundness alone can be found in any other breed or mix breed.
We believe that ECS bred to those standards, with correct breed type, their typical, merry ECS
temperament, and soundness, should be able to perform in events, such as conformation,
obedience, agility, rally, tracking and hunting.
I have been participating in breed education groups and forums, with the hope to see our breed
representing what the standard asks for. My dream is to see the unification of our breed type in
the world, so our breeding pool will be expanded and the English Cocker type is preserved.
The AKC and FCI standards give us, responsible breeders, the guidelines to follow.
Paraphrasing Mr. H.S.Lloyd, The standard of our breed was created by genuine sportsmen who
really knew what was necessary in an English cocker to be able to perform in the field
as a gundog.

                                                                                                 ©   Sylvia Knowlton
st. rock English Cocker Spaniels, Pacific Northwest, WA.
Excellence in Type, Temperament and Soundness.
We are members of the ECSCA,
The Cocker Spaniel Club of the UK,
The CKC, The CECSF, and the ECSCC